We protect your business through extensive advocacy and legislative efforts. CHLA, as the voice of California's lodging industry, participates at all levels of government, ensuring our members’ interests are clearly represented and fervently pursued. Our partnership with the American Hotel & Lodging Association (AHLA) fosters engagement on national issues that impact the lodging, tourism, and business climate. In California, CHLA actively lobbies the California State Legislature, as well as administrative and regulatory agencies in a continuous effort to protect our members’ rights and have a significant impact on public policy. CHLA also has local partnerships with regional lodging and destination marketing associations to address issues that may have a wider effect on the industry.

CHLA strives to increase its members' impact at the Capitol, whether in California or in Washington, D.C. by establishing partnerships and participating in, and even creating, business-friendly coalitions. CHLA has enhanced our industry’s reach through strong relationships with AHLA, AHOAA, United States Travel Association, Visit California, CalTravel, California Restaurant Association (CRA), California Manufacturing and Trade Association (CMTA) and the California Chamber of Commerce, among others.

Public Policy Advocates LogoCHLA’s Board of Directors sets the policies and priorities for the association under the guidance of the Government & Legal Relations Committee and support of CHLA’s Political Action Committee (CHALPAC). These policies and priorities are implemented by the CHLA CEO and Legislative and Communications Coordinator in conjunction with Public Policy Advocates (PPA), CHLA’s contract lobbying firm.

Luis C. Barrios - General Manager

CHLA is my connection to Sacramento and Washington, D.C.  Through their legislative programs, and those of the American Hotel & Lodging Association nationally, our property is protected from adverse legislation and has benefited from all CHLA's efforts in all aspects of governmental affairs time and time again.

- Luis C. Barrios - General Manager, CHLA Past Chair

CHLA Advocacy in Response to Coronavirus

As the travel industry undergoes unprecedented changes, CHLA is working to ensure you have the resources, information, and support you need. To this end, we continue to work with government officials to obtain fiscal and regulatory relief for the industry. While much of our daily work is not listed, below are some of the direct results of our activities.

That being said, we remain very engaged in our advocacy efforts, particularly those which address the effects of the coronavirus on your businesses.

Request support for Commercial Mortgage-Backed Securities Market Relief Fund for Lodging Industry
CHLA and Partner Advocates Request Federal Support for Lodging Industry

April 15, 2019 - Hoteliers across the country are unable to meet their CMBS obligations due to the ongoing health crisis and need action. CHLA, along with AHLA, AAHOA, and state lodging associations and hoteliers from across the country, are respectfully requesting that, as part of the new "Main Street" lending facility, the Treasury and the Federal Reserve act to create a commercial mortgage-backed securities (CMBS) market relief fund with a specific focus on the hotel industry and its dire need for relief in this sector.

To learn more about our efforts to obtain approval for the support, click here.

California “Suspends” Its WARN Act Under Certain Circumstances Amid COVID-19 Crisis
CHLA and Partner Advocates Obtain Operations Flexibility for Businesses

Among other challenges in the last week, California employers have grappled with important issues relating to reducing their workforces: Are we subject to the state and federal laws requiring advance notice of layoffs? If so, what do we do, since it’s not possible to give 60 days of notice? Are there exceptions? What are the consequences of not providing the required notice?

California Labor Code sections 1400 to 1408 – known as “Cal-WARN,” the state version of the federal Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification Act – provided little flexibility to help employers who have had to suddenly and quickly lay off and furlough much of their workforces during these fast-moving times. Late on March 17, however, Governor Gavin Newsom issued an Executive Order that provides some relief during the time that California is in a state of emergency due to the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak. The Order clarifies employers’ responsibilities, lifting some of the uncertainty about conducting layoffs legally.

This Order is the latest development in these fluid, ever-changing times of crisis.  For employers who have already evaluated their circumstances and decided not to give notice, we recommend that they revisit the issue and re-evaluate their options and obligations.

For complete background and specifics on the Governor's Executive Order, read the legal alert from Fisher Phillips at www.fisherphillips.com/resources-alerts-california-suspends-its-warn-act-under-certain.

CHLA and Partner Advocates Advocate for Transient Occupancy Tax Relief

In an effort to provide local transient occupancy tax relief, CHLA has engaged with elected officials at both the local and state levels. As a result of this advocacy, the City of Los Angeles has introduced a motion to defer TOT collection and West Hollywood has approved a deferal. Additionally, several other municipalities are undertaking a similar process. To that end, Yuba City has passed a deferral and Visalia, Santa Barbara, and Fairfield, among others, are actively considering such relief.  CHLA will continue to lead this effort across the state and will update this section as more information becomes available.

Executive Order Allowing for Use of Hotels to House Coronavirus Victims
CHLA and Partner Advocates Work with State to Avoid Property Seizures

March 15, 2019 - Governor Newsom announced the need for the state to look at leasing, purchasing, and potentially annexing hotels.  CHLA sent out a notice about this effort to locate willing property owners and assist those whom were unable to take part. The State of California is moving forward with willing properties and CHLA continues to work with State and local officials to find solutions and protect lodging operators.
If you are interested in volunteering, please email your property name, address, and total room numbers to DepartmentOperationsCenter@dss.ca.gov.  
If you are a branded property, please check with your brand for any contractual issues of allowing your property to be utilized for this purpose.

To watch the press conference and for news related to the Governor’s announcement, click here.

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