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The California Hotel & Lodging Association provides the following publications. CHLA members receive special pricing as a member benefit. To order online and take advantage of this pricing, login to the CHLA Community Portal with your username and password, and click on the Store link.


Save Our Water /Save Our Planet Cards, Mirror Decals & Door Hangers for Hotel Rooms - CHLA is pleased to offer Save Our Water / Save Our Planet cards, mirror decals & door hangers for member properties to display in guest rooms asking guests to delay any room cleaning services until check-out, which we hope will contribute to helping save water, energy and reduce waste. CHLA and CABBI members can order water cards or mirror decals for your property, free of charge, by contacting Anjana Patel at 916-299-9961 or anjana@calodging.com, or by visiting the CHLA Online Store. Members must be logged in to see member's only publications.


CH&LA_SepOct18_Thumbnail_1.jpgCalifornia Lodging News - The California Lodging News magazine is the official publication of the California Hotel & Lodging Association. It features appealing articles and other information pertinent to the industry and is distributed to every hotel in California. California Lodging News offers businesses an exceptional opportunity to target lodging industry decision makers in the nation’s most visited state. All CHLA and CABBI members are mailed a free copy and can access past issues in the Member's Only area of the CHLA website.

Interested in Advertising? Contact Grandt Mansfield at 503-445-2226 or grandt@llmpubs.com.

California Employment & Hiring Guide - CHLA has teamed up with Fisher Phillips, LLP to provide you with the updated California Employment & Hiring Guide. This online guide will give you a comprehensive overview of various labor issues, including interviewing, hiring, medical leave and hiring contractors. It includes sample forms and policies on such topics as employee orientation checklists, drug & alcohol policies, vacation policies, meal and rest period policies, and more.  

Available to CHLA/CABBI Members only, in Member's Only area of the website.


californiaemployposter_0.gifState & Federal Compliance Posters - The Employer Poster must be posted in a conspicuous place in the workplace where all employees and applicants can see it. Save time and money with all 16 California and federal notices every California business must post, on one poster. Save money by buying only what's required by law. Save time and frustration by getting the information from one source instead of multiple state and federal agencies. Flexible format options include English or Spanish, laminated or non-laminated. Poster size is 28″x 39″, which easily fits on a door, in a break room, or a main hallway. Discounted pricing available for CHLA and CABBI members.

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Room-Rate-Card-2014.jpgInnkeepers Liability/Rate Cards - This card meets the legal requirement that every innkeeper post in a conspicuous place, in the office or public room of the establishment and in every guest room, a statement of rates or range of rates by the day, and it contains language regarding liability for guest personal property and penal code provisions. Free to CHLA Members / Not Available to Non-Members

CHLA and CABBI members can order room rate cards for your property, free of charge, by contacting Michelle Donohue at 916-554-2663 or michelle@calodging.com, or by visiting the CHLA Online Store. Members must be logged in to see member's only publications.


Other Recommended Publications

The below publications provide important legal information, including details about labor laws, the Americans with Disabilities Act, and employment issues for California businesses and employers. They are all available from outside retailers, linked below.


ADA-in-details_0.pngADA in Details: Interpreting the 2010 Americans with Disabilities Act Standards for Accessible Design - Provides visual interpretations of the ADA Standards for Accessible Design in a user-friendly format packed with practical design details. The book is available for purchase on Amazon.

Wage & Hour Manual - Provides a concise, practical guide to all wage and hour issues and an explanation of some of the common pitfalls that can cause substantial or recurring liability for employers. Available from Castle Publications.

Employee-Handbook_400x600_v2_0.jpgEmployee Handbook and Personnel Policies Manual - A guide to developing personnel policies providing you with useful information on preparing your own employee handbook. Available from Castle Publications. 

Employment-Discrimination_400x600_v2_0.jpgEmployment Discrimination and EEO Practice Manual - Identifies and discusses many areas within the vast body of civil rights and handicapped laws that have caused employers liability in the past. Available from Castle Publications. 

Wrongful-Discharge_400x600_v3_0.jpgWrongful Discharge, Staff Reduction and Employment Practices Manual - A comprehensive, practical guide to all of the troublesome aspects of wrongful discharge claims and many other employment issues. Topics include "at will" employment, negligent hiring and retention, how to administer disciplinary actions, performance evaluations and lay-offs. Available from Castle Publications.

Disabilities-Act_400x600_v2_0.jpgEmployer's Guide to the Americans with Disabilities Act (Third Edition) - This 60-page manual provides concise, practical information for employers regarding Title I of the ADA, and it answers your questions on this topic. It also addresses the interrelationship of the ADA with other federal and state disability discrimination laws. Available from Castle Publications.

Fam-and-Medical_400x600_v2_0.jpgFamily and Medical Leave Manual for California Employers - This publication guides employers through the complicated web of rules created by the federal Family and Medical Leave Act of 1993. It examines the key features of the state and federal laws as well as providing sample forms and checklists. Available from Castle Publications.

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